eyepin brings all your marketing data into one platform.


Wherever you are

eyepin Email brings your message directly to every device, so you can focus to reach your customers.

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Our user interface is intuitively designed and makes it easy to create newsletters, measure success and maintain contacts.

email marketing Aktuelle News zum Thema Online Marketing

Create your email marketing newsletters in no time and adapt them perfectly to the needs of your target audience. Creating custom data fields, content filtering according to user profiles, management of topic subscriptions and much more will help you achieve this.

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More time for important things

Organize your departments or your international marketing by areas or regions. With our email marketing platform, you can organize clients and make the work of each team more efficient.

internationales Marketing organisieren
E-Mails werden auf jedem Endgerät

Always styled perfectly

Layout templates can be easily customized to your needs and emails look great on any device. Create campaigns that match your branding.

Lively email marketing thrives on dialogue. Use surveys and voting in your newsletters campaigns to keep the activity level high.

Sweepstakes are great as an entertainment element, for activating existing customers and for generating leads. Create sweepstakes, link winning questions and organize prizes with just a few clicks.

Quickly and easily generate QR codes or alphanumeric promotion code, download documents or coupons and integrate them directly into your email campaigns.

Use central data profiles to optimally tailor your communication to your target group.
Whether delivery, opening, click rates, article statistics, reading behavior, geo-locating. This way, you always have a close eye on the success of your campaigns.

Easily automate many of your marketing actions with eyepin Email.
If you automate more, your actions will be more efficient .

E-Mail Marketing Automation

Active around the clock

Automatic target group generation and data cleansing supports you and get more time for creativity and new ideas.

E-Mail Marketing Automation
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The right content

Get more interaction by sending marketing content your a targeted audience. Customized content can be integrated into campaigns based on topic subscriptions, interest profiles, or user behavior.

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Emails from all your systems in just one platform

Transactional emails are on the rise. Use our email marketing platform to send your store emails or to inform users from your other systems. Get the right design and be confident of safe delivery.

e-mail marketing event marketing automation Landingpages
A/B und Multivariante Testing Funktionen Promotion

Learn with every campaign

In addition to integrated display and spam filter tests, you can pre-test different versions of your newsletter using A/B and multi-variant tests.
A/B and multivariant testing functions show how you can optimize emails and adapt them even better to your target group.

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Safety first

Your customers can feel safe with eyepin Email Marketing Platform, because it meets all data security and privacy requirements.

  • ISO certified data center
  • DSGVO compliant data management
  • Individual data protection levels can be set
ISO zertifiziertes

Using the existing API, our email platform can connect to any other system and keep all data in sync.