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Hybrid Solutions​

Hybrid event models are more popular than ever.

unternehmensphilosophie Hybride Veranstaltungen Solutions

Be part of the future

We´re your partner for a contemporary and future-oriented implementation of green events, with streaming and webcast functions for all kinds of events.

Give your participants the opportunity to communicate with each other. With our platform your hybrid events, you have the opportunity to actively involve the participants as you wish. It is also possible to generate quizzes or surveys, and  be registered or evaluated in real time.

Hybride Veranstaltungen Solutions

Reach and increase the number of participants

Without the geographic and infrastructural limits of a live event, hybrid events offer you the opportunity to expand your group of participants without restrictions.

Therefore, the number of participants for the virtual part of the hybrid event can be scaled up as needed.

unternehmensphilosophie Hybride Veranstaltungen Solutions

Don't overspend…

With your hybrid events, you can save on complete costs, such as travel and accommodation costs for participants, catering or room rental. After a one-time investment in the required technology, the following costs are low and can be optimally used in the marketing of your event.

unternehmensphilosophie Hybride Veranstaltungen Solutions
Der Einsatzbereich ist groß​

Use them in different areas

Hybrid events are suitable for the most diverse forms of events.

Particularly good areas of application can be, for example: Conferences, lectures, meetings or training courses. Lectures and keynote speeches can be conveniently streamed and accessed online or on demand by guests who are not present.

Event Marketing Plattform Betreffzeilen für höhere Öffnungsraten

Easily implement hybrid events

Split your events into live and online parts in a hassle-free and time-saving way. With eyepin Event you can create and manage multiple appointments for one event and add different locations or streaming services to create real added value for your participants.

Event Marketing Plattform Betreffzeilen für höhere Öffnungsraten
Hybride Veranstaltungen Solutions

First Come First Serve

You can quickly and easily limit the number of participants for the live event with eyepin Event.

As soon as the specified number of participants has been reached, registration for the event will be closed on the site, and your registration for the virtual part will open. According to the motto “First come, first served”.

Of course, you can also assign participants manually at any time.

We offer you a list of solutions to use for paid events. Where you will be able to use different categories of tickets via access codes both for on-site admission with QR code and wallet ticket and to participate in live broadcasts with access code.