Plan events, create event websites, and invitations all in one tool. With the Event Marketing Platform, it’s easy and straight-forward.

Event Marketing Plattform

Everything about your event

The eyepin Event Marketing Software offers everything from planning and communication to access management to ensure a perfect event. This way, you’re guaranteed to thrill your guests.

How does eyepin Event help you?

Marketing event:

  • Create event website
  • Send invitations through newsletters, social media or print
  • Updates on the event
  • Send registration confirmations, reminders and tickets
  • Post-processing and monitoring

Planning & Organization:

  • Manage guest lists
  • Arrange appointments and locations
  • Room capacities
  • Hotel, restaurant and chauffeur services

On-site handling:

  • Admission and ticket control
  • Name tags and badges
  • Access areas with extra control
  • Documentation and monitoring
Event Marketing Plattform

A Solution for All Events

Events vary as much as day and night. Congresses, evening events, trade shows, roadshows, or trainings, each require tailored tools for planning and organisation. The eyepin Event Marketing Platform provides the right setup for each type of event, greatly simplifying your work.

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Our goal with the Event Marketing Software is to streamline the daily tasks of event managers and ensure a high level of service for participating guests.

With eyepin, you can create an event website in seconds and send invitation emails to your customers. The platform offers various layouts, and you can also have one or more layouts created in your corporate identity by us or your agency.


You can easily save created events as templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch for similar events. This includes not only the event with all information but also dates, all messages, and all event sites. It couldn’t be easier.

Organizing Dates or Event Items

You can easily assign multiple dates to events or manage event parts such as workshops or evening events separately. This way, guest lists and monitoring are also available for each event part.

The Dashboard

The integrated dashboard provides you with an overview of all event parts, defined messages, and much more at a glance. It’s essential to keep track of everything.

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In the dashboard, you have everything you need:

Guest List

The current registration status, with the exact number of registered persons and the utilization in relation to your planning, gives you an overview at all times.

Ticket Sales

If your event is chargeable and you have activated the integrated ticket shop, the dashboard also shows the number of tickets sold and the revenues you have already generated.

Event Emails

You can see all created and active emails such as invitation emails, reminder emails for non-responders, waiting list confirmations, registration confirmations, and other set emails.

Event Marketing Plattform

Save the date

Send out a save-the-date email including a calendar file to your target audience early on so that your guests can directly mark the important date in their calendars.

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Making events known as early as possible brings many benefits for you and your customers:

VIP service for your customers

Providing more service and information about events is rewarded with more registrations and ultimately more participants. Any effort to inform your customers about events early and effectively will be rewarded and pay off. Your company or organization will be appreciated for being service-oriented, and this will be reflected in the participant statistics.

Better planning

Customers and prospects can plan ahead and save your event in their own calendars. This increases the chance that an interested party will also become an active participant.

When the official invitation email is sent, the calendar entry is automatically updated with the new information, and your customers can register for the event with a single click, without having to enter complicated data.

More visibility

With the calendar file that is automatically sent with the save-the-date email, your event is visible in the calendars of all interested parties. And that months in advance.

Hybrid Events

Event Site

The event site is the showcase for your event. Our Event Marketing Platform provides you with a dedicated tool for creating the website. You don’t need graphic designers or programmers for this. We promise.

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Without much effort and without needing external help, you can create content and registration forms and place them on an event website. This way, you can offer available content in every phase of the planning process and provide excellent service to your future guests.

Your event sites can also appear under your domain. We simply provide a subdomain, such as events.yourcompany.com, and all your future events can be published under this domain.

Sometimes it’s necessary to organize different registration sites for an event, for example, if the entire event team needs to be registered for security reasons or if there should be a separate registration for the press. The Event Platform offers you the possibility to create audience-specific event sites. The event dashboard shows you the current registration numbers for each site and, of course, the total number of registrations.

Hybrid Events

Stay ahead of the curve, and use smart guest lists

With smart tools, you always have an overview of your guest lists. This is particularly important for planning catering resources, hotel assignments or transport services.

Hybrid Events
Landingpages Eyepin Email Marketing


The event website and all emails can be reached under your domain. This creates a good feeling for the guests and you always stay in your branding.

Event Marketing Plattform Betreffzeilen für höhere Öffnungsraten

Send out invitations easily

Sending out the invitations offers plenty of scope for creativity. As a rule, invitations are sent out by email, but it is also possible to send out print invitations with a personal registration code. For large events, it is sometimes necessary to send out in several waves.

Event Marketing Plattform Betreffzeilen für höhere Öffnungsraten

With our automatic service emails, your guests receive the information at the right time, leaving room for creative ideas. For example, a second email for guests who have not responded to your invitation or a reminder before the event with further information.

With a few clicks you can create a ticket store for your event. Functions such as clearing and billing make the service complete.


Online picture gallery

Your picture gallery is part of the success of your event. Easily add them to your website and design them as you wish to generate extra attention, your guests will love to remember that moment with just one click.

Quickly and easily generate QR codes or alphanumeric codes for promotions, download documents or coupons and integrate them into your invitations or registration confirmations. 

Use the opportunity and let your participants actively participate. Surveys are ideal to evaluate services or products or to gather opinions from your guests. You can create any form of online survey and add active response elements such as quizzes and votes, send them by email, publish them on a landing page under your domain or integrate them directly into your website or social media channels.

Sweepstakes are great as an entertainment element, for activating existing customers and for generating leads. Create sweepstakes, link winning questions and organize prizes with just a few clicks.

Because first impressions count, make the check-in the perfect starting signal for your event. We offer you comprehensive services for the admission control of your events. Whether for smaller evening events or larger events such as congresses and trade fairs.

Our innovative entry app gives you the possibility to check your entry easily and quickly with your quickly with your preferred device and is the perfect solution for smaller events.

You can download our mobile Event app for iOS and Android for free in the App Store!

With eyepin Event entry solution, you make the optimal choice for larger Events with multiple check-in points, badge and card printing,
Utilization monitoring and much more. eyepin Event Gate requires
no internet and always keeps you up to date on your guest lists.

Hybrid event models are more popular than ever.
If you would like to shape a more sustainable future and participate in the social changes of recent years.
We´re your partner for a contemporary and future-oriented implementation of green events and offer you streaming and webcast functionalities for all kinds of events.