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Use our online sweepstake service as a valuable addition to your marketing. 

Online Gewinnspiele nutzen​

Engage and generate leads

Sweepstakes are excellent for entertainment, to activate existing contacts, and to generate leads.

The service can be integrated into any platform and thus adapts perfectly to your needs.

Quick and easy

Create sweepstakes, link your winning questions and organize prizes with just a few clicks. At the end, you can determine the winners with the push of a button and send winning messages obtained through an email newsletter. You can insert any number of contests with different durations side by side on your website.


Active in all channels

You can publish your sweepstakes through an email newsletter or through your social media channels and feature them on the web. Simultaneous playback on multiple websites in different layouts is also easily possible.

Be more visibility

By playing on multiple channels at the same time, you can give your sweepstakes more exposure.

Drag & Drop

You can easily create your sweepstakes landing pages just dragging and dropping. With the help of our defined design templates your brand will always appear.

Live sweepstakes

For sweepstakes with live prize determination, an interface is provided for publisher
prize determination from existing editorial systems.

How to prevent fake participants?

Online sweepstakes are very popular with bots. These false entries will be detected and reported, thanks to our data verification. You can also prevent repeated entries by clicking on them.


Newsletter and events

You can easily integrate sweepstakes into your newsletters or events. All transactional emails for entry confirmations and prize notifications are sent automatically. 


How long does it last?

Start and end of the sweepstakes can be set in advance. This means that competitions are
automatically displayed and hidden on your website based on the duration.


The awarding of prizes takes place automatically or can be triggered manually by you with just a few clicks.
Of course, you can also export the results easily.

Security and data protection

Security and privacy are our top priorities. You determine yourself which data is requested. You can easily manage data protection consents.