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Online Surveys

The best service for the implementation of professional votings and surveys.

Online Surveys

Use online surveys and get to know your target group

The service can be integrated into any platform, it is perfectly adapted to your requirements.


Make use of the advantages

Surveys are ideal for evaluating services and products or for obtaining feedback from your target group such as benchmarking queries, customer profiles, innovations or expert opinions.

Online Surveys

Rate your services or products

Our survey service allows you to create online survey and create active answer items or quizzes and votes, send them through a newsletter, post them on a landing page under your domain or integrate them directly into your website or social media channels.

Inhaltselemente Online Surveys

Content elements

With our survey service you can easily create your survey with different question types and organize all content elements by dragging and dropping.

A pool of possibilities

Create your survey with open-ended or closed-ended questions, multiple choice, dropdown or star ratings, text elements such as headers, or detailed descriptions. It also easily organizes page breaks, creates matrix questions, and inserts branching logic. You can even supplement your surveys with image ratings, data protection inquiries or newsletter registration with DOI.

You choose…

Our survey service can be easily integrated into email campaigns.
Triggers for automated surveys can use: contacts from previous customers, bookings or shop orders.

Flexibilität ist wichtig​ Online Surveys Event Marketing Plattform iOS 15

Flexibility is important

Header graphics are easily interchangeable, as are background colors and images, giving you creative freedom without having to use graphics programs. This will allow you to create your surveys easily and in a short time.

Create and integrate easily

  • What type of question can you use?
    Use all classic question types as well as individual setting options.
  • What happens to the database?
    The answers automatically enrich the user’s profile and thus increase the success of your campaigns.

  • Branching

    Individual branches or answer-dependent questions can be easily integrated.

  • Quizzes and voting from your website

    Quizzes or voting on current topics can be easily integrated into your website.

  • Be a trend with your social media

    Share your surveys, questionnaires or votes through social networks and messaging services.

Playful and entertaining presentation of complex content is ideal on the web, as the presentation and resolution provide an added incentive to engage.

Data protection as your ally

Depending on the role, target group, and requirements, surveys can be customized or conducted anonymously. This is not only important to protect participants, but clearly defined data handling increases trust and influences the participation rate.

Unterschiedliche Levels​ Online Surveys Events

Choose the level

Various data protection options allow you to define the correct data protection settings, from employee surveys to customer satisfaction queries.

Unterschiedliche Levels​ Online Surveys Events

Always access current evaluations even during the ongoing survey. Your survey customer data will be available in graphic form or as an Excel file.

Online Umfragen

Speed counts, be the fastest

You can quickly answer the surveys or ratings the feedback that you receive. Our Marketing Automation features help you to inform your customer service about a negative review or initiate other measures.

Online Umfragen