Marketing Automation

Take your communication to a higher level.

e-mail marketing event marketing automation

Automate and let our platform
works for you

Our Marketing Automation offers you the possibility to automate your communication
as far as possible and have your actions or data maintenance carried out automatically.
It can also be integrated with any platform, simplifying and improving
your communicationtasks and your customer data in email and event marketing.

Smart Kommunizieren​ Get to the point

Get to the point

The right content at the right time can attract more attention from your target group. This, in turn, helps to increase open and click-through rates, satisfied recipients and, as a result, more successful campaigns. Our intuitive user interface allows you to set up campaigns quickly and easily.

Smart Kommunizieren​ Get to the point
e-mail marketing event marketing automation

Add value and segment by behaviour

Analysing the behaviour of your users in marketing automation allows you to show them adaptable and personalised content. Reach your intended target group with effective segmentation.

Why is it important to identify your target groups?

The key to success is your customer’s interest. Marketing automation can be used to automate recipients
based on user behaviour. You can assign them different subject areas, so they only receive
content that is relevant to them in subsequent campaigns.

By automating various workflows, your customer data is trusted to ensure error-free processes. Marketing automation will help you and provide the opportunity to continuously monitor data quality, measure distributor activity level and segment your data accordingly.

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Transactional emails for even more service

Constant communication is essential for the bond with your customers. This does not only apply to e-commerce. Use our API and trigger automated emails, for example after placing an order via the online shop or creating an invoice in the merchandise management system.

Drip marketing builds customer loyalty

Drip marketing campaigns are easy to implement with marketing automation,
for example in your sales funnel. These consist of a series of mailings sent at a specific time or
by user behaviour, serving as a key element in lead nurturing strategies aimed
at building valuable relationships with our clients, it has a broad application.

With our Application Programming Interface (API) you can easily plug into your existing systems. All existing interfaces will be listed and activities  will be displayed by period.