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Customer Data

All relevant information about your customer data at a glance.

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Collect, use and apply. Target your customer 360° in an optimal way

Use data collected and combined from different sources and work with multiple profiles
to be able to address your target group precisely.

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Manage and segment your contacts

By segmenting your customers into smaller audiences with similar interests, you can further fine-tune the content of your campaigns. Be precise with your customers to make your marketing campaigns effective.

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Manage your audience

Our intelligent tools allow you to organise your target groups, get to know them better and
use the knowledge gained to optimise the core of your next campaign.

Marketing automation will help you to keep your data profiles up to date and will continuously provide you with information about the activity level of your customers. An automatic bounce cleaning ensures optimal data quality.

Immer synchron​

Get real and useful information

See your most important key figures, such as open and click-through rates, statistics on campaign delivery verification, domain statistics and statistics on email programmes and optimise your campaigns accordingly if necessary.


Analyse your customers' geographic characteristics

Geographic reach is also an important factor, allowing you to understand your audience base and see their activity levels. This information can be used, for example, to implement or customise campaigns for certain regions.