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Event Entry

The innovative and integrated entry solutions for your events.

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Take your time with your guests.

We offer an innovative and complete admission solution for your eyepin Event marketing platform. In addition to check-in, many other services are offered, which you can use during your event to optimize and save your valuable time.

The input solution can be individually tailored to the size of the event and your needs.

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Make the check-in the perfect start

Speed, innovation and efficiency combined in one product. eyepin Event has the possibility to set up the check-in based on your design, implement your requirements and create a positive experience for your visitors.
You can choose the number of check-in points or let our experienced event team advise you.

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Wireless anytime and anywhere

Be on your maximum flexibility and optimally adapt your check-in at each one of your events with eyepin Event.

All check-in devices communicate quickly and reliably with each other,  without the need for data cables. This ensures you an easy and quick setup in the location!

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Keep the overview

We provide you with laptops in a sleek, stylish design, depending on your needs, for one or more admission stations.

This way you can access the user-friendly interface at any time during check-in and always have a perfect overview of your event.

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Easy and fast scanning

Use wireless scanning to make entry as simple as possible.
Depending on factors such as the venue, the number of visitors, the security level and the general setting. We provide you with various scanning options for admission control.

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Scanner only solution

For congresses or symposiums, eyepin Event offers a solution with professional handheld computers, e.g. to scan workshop rooms or to implement time-dependent access regulations. The handheld computers are shockproof and synchronize the data live with the eyepin Event Marketing Platform, so that the current occupancy rate can be viewed for each location or room.

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Automated print

Amaze your participants with speed and creativity right at the beginning of the event. After the scan, a ticket is issued in just a few seconds.

Printing can be done on ID cards, wristbands or paper and textile labels and can be flexibly adapted to the event design. Individual identifiers for specific guest groups can also be printed on the tickets. In order to put together the optimal setting for your event, we offer different print options.

We offer comprehensive services for the admission control of your events.

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Utilization monitoring

Live monitoring will always inform you about the number of guests at your location and can be used at any time on site or externally. You can rank your visitors based on their engagement status in individual listings or display them clearly in overall statistics.


Always synchronized

During your event you can send more information, news, updates, etc. to your participants. All existing guest data is saved with the help of the LTE connectors that are continuously synchronized with our eyepin Event Marketing Platform and kept up to date.

Safe and reliable

eyepin Event brings the most diverse requirements for security and guest comfort under one roof and saves all customer data in accordance with DSGV.

  • Wireless hardware solution
  • Real-time data about registration and room occupancy
  • Troubleshooting desk
  • Synchronization with event software, and much more