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The all-in-one admission solution for your events

Just rent your inlet hardware.

Einlass-Hardware Inlet Hardware

Professional inlet hardware for a fast and secure check-in

We provide you with the right configuration for admission to any type of event, large or small. Depending on factors such as the venue, the crowd, the level of security and the general environment.

You can choose between different configuration variants for each admission station for your event.

e-mail marketing event marketing automation Einlass-Hardware Inlet Hardware


Our event entrance solution is flexible like no other. You can use as many access stations as you like, adapted to the number of visitors at peak times and the total number of visitors. The main station automatically takes over the management of all other stations, connects them with each other and ensures that admission runs smoothly.

e-mail marketing event marketing automation Einlass-Hardware Inlet Hardware

Data security

We protect your data. Your main station is the only station that will contain the guest list data. Tickets and the rest of your data are stored in our management platform for all your devices in the system.

Keep it simple

The most important thing first: Our admission stations set up their own secure communication network with all devices in the system via a WLAN router. This means that no cabling is required and the solution can be operated at any location, regardless of local conditions and data and internet connections.

Check-in Points

You can easily rent stations in a wide variety of eyepin equipment on a daily or permanent basis.
The first station always consists of a laptop, a professional industrial handheld computer for scanning and a router as a basic configuration. Several printers for textile or paper labels, plastic or cardboard ID cards, or wristbands are available for printing ID cards.

There are three equipment variants for the other seasons:

Notebooks für deine Einlassstationen

Notebooks for your admission stations

We will provide you with a laptop already configured with the appropriate application, including a USB dongle for backups if desired, as the main station for your intake. Additional intake stations can optionally be equipped with a notebook. We offer you a laptop with a simple and elegant design.

Notebooks für deine Einlassstationen


Notebook​ Einlass-Hardware Inlet Hardware

Use our innovative and clear user interface for your admission stations and always keep track of your event.

Modern notebooks with a simple design that adapt perfectly to your check-in.

Wireless Scanning​

Use mobile and contactless scanning for modern, fast and safe admission. Depending on the requirements, the number and type of scanners can be selected.


Zebra TC26

Mobile data collection device

You can also download our eyepin event app and use your own devices for the scanning process.

Automated live printing

Print your labels with your name or other information about your event as you like on paper or textile labels, as well as name cards or wristbands, and always remain in the design of your event. All printers are certified by us and we deliver them configured to suit your event. Our printers can be easily organized by location through our user interface at the main station.

Evolis Primacy​

Evolis Primacy

Notebooks für deine Einlassstationen


eyepin EVENT Router

eyepin EVENT Router

Our WLAN-router with mesh network acts as a central hub for all devices in the system.
This has a closed and secure WLAN that can only be used by eyepin devices on site. In order to keep the
participant data synchronized with the eyepin Event Marketing Platform, the router can be easily
connected to the Internet by a network connection or with an LTE data card.