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Promotion Codes

Integrate vouchers and promotions directly into the campaign.

E-Mail Kampagnen Promotions

Promotion and coupons codes across all channels

The service can be integrated into any platform and can be used for a wide range of email and event marketing requirements.

Promotion Codes Einlasslösung Event entry

Generate promotional
and coupons

Our promotion codes service helps you generate and manage codes for vouchers and promotions, it also offers you the possibility of generating QR codes or alphanumeric codes for promotions, downloading documents or vouchers.

Promotion Codes Einlasslösung Event entry
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Active in all channels

Promotion codes can be used in our software solutions, such as: Email Marketing Platform and Event Marketing Platform.

Online Shop

Manage coupon codes for your online store and display them as coupon codes on landing pages
or when signing up for the newsletter. You can generate the codes in the store or
in the eyepin promo code service.

black friday Promotion

Useful tools

Boost your online sales in the shop and use the possibilities of the promotion code service. Limits, validity period or code type can be adjusted individually.

black friday Promotion
Einlasslösung Event entry

With flawless administration

Get an overview at any time which codes are currently active, how many codes have already been played and whether thresholds have been reached.

Be notified

You can also be informed about the current status by email.

You can use codes for a wide variety of services, among other things:

  • Newsletter registration 
  • Survey participation
  • Rating, etc.
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How shipping and submission works?

Codes can be sent through different channels, such as web submission, email newsletter or message. Both an alphanumeric display and a graphic display such as a QR code or EAN are possible.

Promotion E-Mail Newsletter

Easy import

External codes, for example from online stores or portal applications, can be easily integrated into eyepin codes.

This means that your user or customer no longer has to enter the code on your landing page.

Promotion E-Mail Newsletter

URL Codes

Promotional codes can be integrated directly into links. So when it comes to your URL codes, your customer won’t have to re-enter their code on your landing page.

Email Marketing


Codes can have a defined period of validity.
This allows you to limit the promotions in terms of time and see the current success rate.