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The perfect solution for digital lead generation and promotion sites.

Turn versatility into your advantage

For lead generation or promotions, call-to-action optimized landing pages are the perfect complement for your existing website. Hardly any other tool is so versatile and offers so many possibilities.

You can integrate the service into any platform and use it optimally for your needs.

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Always in your branding

Landing pages are accessible on the web under your domain or can also be integrated into existing websites. Layout templates in your corporate CI offer flexibility without the need for programming skills.

Why you should use a landig pages?

Because not? There are countless examples for landing pages. Here is an overview of the most important ones:

  • Download whitepapers with registration
  • Career center / applications
  • Sales promotions
  • Request for content
  • Participation in programs
  • Appointments
  • Portal-independent content pages
  • and much more

Lead generation

Hardly any tool is better suited for generating leads than individual landing pages. They are thematically clearly designed for one action and there are no links or other content that distract. In this way you offer a welcome to register or inform at your clients, quickly and without detours.

Registrations through landing pages can trigger a number of different marketing automations. Such as the enrichment of your database or the activation of a prepared email campaign. This allows you to offer your target group a perfect service 24 hours a day.


Layout and Design

Save different layout templates in corporate design for easy creation of your landing pages. With eyepin, you can significantly reduce page production time, without any programming knowledge for building landing pages.

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Quick and easy drag and drop

Just drag and drop onto your landing page to create quickly and easily. A newsletter subscription, which is directly linked to the newsletter, can be inserted with one click.

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Breaking News

You will have continuous updating of the landing page through our innovative user interface, as well as a connection to third-party systems is also easy and uncomplicated.

Instantly process the generated data and used to publish any action, such as automatic sending of email newsletters or access to a download link. in this way you can turn your landing pages into an active marketing service.

Our landing page service offers you detailed reports about the performance and subscriber numbers of your landing pages. All data can be exported or transferred to existing systems by API.