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Newsletter design and template creation

Use our tools to implement your newsletter campaigns easily and quickly, while always staying on brand.


Creating newsletters - made easy.

We help you design and implement your newsletter templates so that you can then implement your campaigns yourself with easy, quickly and effectively.

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Always perfectly styled

An individual newsletter template offers you the possibility to always stay in your corporate identity and implement your campaigns according to your needs and wishes.

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Layout design

For a successful implementation, you will be provided with a newsletter design in advance, which will include all defined and discussed content requirements. Depending on the agreement, one or more template designs can be delivered.

HTML template creation

Once a newsletter design has been created and approved, your HTML template creation process begins. In the process, we ensure that your newsletter campaigns are perfectly displayed in all common email programmes (mobile devices, webmail programmes and classic desktop programmes such as Outlook) and carry out appropriate tests.

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Presentation tests

After completing the newsletter template, we offer you the possibility to independently carry out display tests of your newsletter campaigns. Just one click will take to screenshots of your campaign for more than 30 email programmes. In this way, you will always have an overview of how your target group receives your newsletter.

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All kinds of templates

HTML templates are only one possible variant of template creation. Text templates, detail templates and web templates can also be created, as well as templates for the implementation of event campaigns and for all other services, such as online surveys and sweepstakes